You might be asking yourself, what colour curtains should I get?

Choosing curtains can be difficult at times. There are numerous colours to choose from, but you must find one that complements the décor of your home as well as your personal style. The colour of the curtains you choose will have a significant impact on the atmosphere of the room. The following are some tips to help you select the right colour and style of curtains for your home.

Consider the surroundings before purchasing curtains

Before deciding on a curtain style and colour, consider the room in which you want the curtains to be installed. Consider the colour of the walls and the floor. Take note of how the furniture would appear when paired with a specific colour palette.

If your room has a lot of heavy furniture, choose curtains that are more neutral or pastel in colour. You could use off white, tan, or even dusty pink. It’s also a good idea to go for a sheer look because texture can make a big difference.

If you’ve decided on a colour scheme and want to try your hand at hanging curtains on your own, check out our guides on how to measure your windows for curtains and how to hang up your curtains.

Specific curtains for specific rooms

The curtains you select will also be determined by the room in which they will be installed. Bright colours such as orange, blue, and yellow, for example, are not recommended for the bedroom because they can keep you awake at night. A more neutral and soft palette, on the other hand, would be a better option because it creates a relaxing environment and can help you sleep better. You can go colourful with the living room because it is entirely up to your personal style and preferences. If you enjoy having fun and want to incorporate that into your home, bright colours are a great way to do so.

Choosing between light or darker curtains

Light curtains are popular because of their soft and elegant appearance, but they can also make a small room appear larger than it is. When it comes to white curtains, you also have a lot of fabric options and styles such as lined curtains, sheer fabrics, solid coloured curtains and patterned curtains. The flowing fabric and curtain lining can provide an elegant and timeless appearance. However, keep in mind that lighter curtains will stain easily and may not be suitable for all rooms. Dark Curtains, on the other hand, can add contrast and sophistication to a room. If you want a more Regal look, consider dark colours and velvet drapes, which are the ultimate in luxury.

Dark coloured curtains can also create a contrast in your room and completely change its appearance. Furthermore, the curtains do not stain as easily as light curtains. Dark curtains, on the other hand, will make a small room appear even smaller. These may also be prone to fading because you may be exposed to a lot of sunlight at times. If you do decide to go with dark colours, make sure your home has enough space and that you pair it with lighter-coloured walls and furniture to keep the room from looking drab and dull.

If you’re still unsure about what colour would look best in your home, you might want to look at all of our custom-made curtains. You can also contact Globe Interiors so that one of their interior design consultants can help you. They will be able to give you expert advice as well as show you the best curtain options for your home.