A custom-printed marquee offers a unique marketing channel for all types of businesses. The variety of purposes a custom printed marquee provides during exhibition sales events should be the first choice for any type of business.

Using a custom-printed marquee in all sale festivals and events allows visitors and guests to get a better insight into your brand and products. The significant shade provided by a custom- printed marquee in addition to the professional look of your business will likely perk up the interest of festival attendees.

The attractive designs and styles featured by a custom-printed marquee guarantee added appeal to your brand. The look becomes more outstanding with the use of proper lighting at night. A custom-printed marquee is a must-have when you want to stand out above the rest.

The Versatility of a Custom Printed Marquee

The best way to showcase your brand/logo/product

Marketing your services and products is easy if you opt to erect a custom-printed marquee at every sales conference and event. A customised marquee can be engraved with:

  • Your business name
  • Your business logo
  • Your phone number
  • Your business address
  • Your offered products or services

Something memorable is created with the crowd when you go for a customised marquee. Visibility and looks of your brand are easily achieved with a printed marquee. Choosing the best colours, designs, and patterns for your customised marquee is a surefire way of attracting the attention of the crowd.

Create your own venue

An exclusive venue is organised and helped when using a customised marquee. Getting ready to set up your personalised shop at trade shows is done within minutes when using a marquee. A customised marquee designed and styled to your specifications helps to establish a portable shop or office for your products and services anytime and anywhere.


One of the versatile tools of the trade for a business that regularly attends outdoor events is a customised marquee. Opting for a customised marquee allows you to transform the look of your business on different occasions. Being easy to put up, put down, transport, and store away make the marquee a great way to advertise your products or brand to any sales festivals or trade shows.

Represent an impressive one-of-a-kind look of your brand/products/services

A customised marquee is an attention-getter especially with using the right pattern, style, and colour combination. Going for a trendier and one-of-a-kind look ensures grabbing the attention of the crowd.

Drawing the attention of every eye during trade shows and sales events is the focus of every participant. Choosing to display your brand and wares in a customised marquee is the best way to successfully attract your desired human traffic.

Works for all occasions

A personalised marquee works for all occasions whether they are used for simple gatherings, weekly market days, or just about any type of festival. Boosting sales is helped with attractively-designed marquees.

A custom-printed marquee can be designed to fit the theme of the event. Going this route helps to attract more attention. Complementing the theme of trade shows is another way of showcasing your unique brand and products.

One-time investment

A single ad placed online is not good advertisement. Preventing the ad from drying up means the constant funnelling of funds. A custom marquee, on the other hand, is a form of one-time investment that can be used time and time again in outdoor activities and shows.

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